Leah’s Daughter’s Words

{March 2, 2009}   Refreshed to Go the Distance

I think that was a title from a women’s conference, but whatever… that is where I am. I just got encouraged right on time. I will not grow weary in well doing. This is a fight. The studio was great last night and I am excited about what’s to come soon. I gotta work on these poems tonight, work on some homework, clean a little and most importantly spend some quality time with the Lord… My life is really fun, it’s unbelieveable… I really am “closer to my dreams…” ::smile::


{February 5, 2009}   My Forever Love

Lord, You are my forever love… it’s true. I love the song by Francesca Battestelli entitled, “Forever Love.” But, anyways… it seems so simple but it is bigger than that. You never sleep, are always faithful, never fail. It’s truly amazing in every sense of the word. I’m happy to know You, which is an understatement. I need to keep my eyes on You and then everything else will make sense.

I decided to take a chill day from school today, only have one class today anyway, unless they email and say my refund check is ready lol, then I am there with the quickness! I wanted to rest a little and do some homework. Got much to do this weekend and for the rest of this month in fact. So here goes nothing… smile anyway 🙂

{January 28, 2009}   Snow Day

So school was cancelled today due to snow (yay!), though I love my classes, I was sleepy and due to my client, now a little sick. SO, I will use today to do all of my homework (hopefully). So far so… okay lol. I started thinking which is usually my problem, lol. And I just wish things were different with us. Not different in the sense that we should be official again, but different in the sense of being in each others live from a dual effort. It really sucks right now, but what can I do… ah well, can’t win them all over with this face (lol, no seriosly, just kidding). I guess that’s where I am on that, I just wish things were good different instead of pretty much nothing at all… God help me. I need to stay emotionally sober.

“outside, I’m smiling”

Didn’t you know I was waiting on you/Waiting on a dream that’ll never come true/Didn’t you know I was waiting on you”

{January 25, 2009}   Restoration Feels Wonderful

I am… overjoyed… the past week or so I have been in this… “slump” of for some reason not wanting to or simply just not reading my Bible for myself. I mean I have read it for assignments and other things I have needed it for, but when it came time for me, I would either skim, make excuses or just go to sleep, etc. Last night was the last night and I sought His help. Got in my word and asked to restore the joy of my salvation amongst other things in Psalm 51. I feel so rejuvenated (if I spelled it right). My eyes are on the right things. I am so excited about my life, especially in knowing it doesn’t depend on anything or anyone else, but what Gods has planned for me, regardless. Everything else and everyone else additional will/would be great, but it has nothing to do with my destiny. I do want to get married some day and have a family, I sincerely do in the right timing. I have 50 million little businesses and ideas floating around in my head that I would really like to impliment someday, I sincerely do in the right timing. I have a lot of vision for all of those things. I really hope who I think would be that one is there with me through this, but if not, I’m sure what God has is perfect regardless. Anywho, I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free! Glory to God!

{January 22, 2009}   Never Ever?

My lil sister put me on to this song yesterday. One word: interesting (forgot how to spell that in spanish lol). And that about it. My web design book came today as well… One word: HYPE!

{January 16, 2009}   For You Will Enlarge My Heart

Psalm 119:25-32. I am encouraged in these trying times. Just when I think I have nothing left to give and I just want to walk away either quitting or emptied, God enlarges my heart to love, give, and serve all the more. Not from a place of hidden agendas or wrong motives, but to serve Him well regardless of how others respond. I am grateful, because it surely isn’t something I would do. But glory to God for change and development. I love my life and all it’s little issues (well I love my life, issues not so much lol). I will continually walk in the joy of the Lord, even if I don’t feel like it, I will doubt doubt in thinking that I can’t walk that way.

As far other things… this is where I am, but will still show love regardless: “He showed me what it was to cry/Well you couldn’t be that man I adored/You don’t seem to know/Or seem to care/What your heart is for/I don’t know him anymore/There’s nothin’ where he used to lie/My conversation has run dry/That’s what’s going on/Nothing’s right/I’m torn… you’re a little late/I’m already torn”

{January 14, 2009}   Where I’m At

Though the video quality is garbage… the song makes my point as far as my thoughts tonight…

“cuz even if I said I was leavin babe, I couldn’t picture no more you and me… so listen to the realest thing that I can say… sometimes it’s a struggle babe… and for what it’s worth I will struggle babe… cuz I want to be in your life, so I’mma keep trying

Though I hate that Ashanti uses “baby” in every form or fashion in just  about 98% of her songs, this one is a winner in my book lol.

On another more exciting note!! I feel like I am really making some major moves on some of my goals already. Set up a photoshoot. Lookin up my flights for my trips. Getting more ideas for my website, my book, and found out some info about copyrighting, AND also the dvd and my painting is coming soon. My life is full whether I believe it or not and I am indeed excited about that! Glory to God!!

{January 14, 2009}   Sunshine

I am loving this song… it’s mad chill. I don’t like that this was the only video of it on youtube though… I dunno… I have some things I need to do today regardless of me being sickly. I need to get in my Word today… not sure what happened yesterday. I guess I let the day happen (so not cool). Anywho… I really just want to post that song.

{January 5, 2009}   Video Blog

…they’re just emotions…

…this too shall pass…

{January 5, 2009}   And That Haunted Me…

All the way home. I had probably like 10 crazy dreams last night. It was really strange. Dunno what to do with them other than try to push them away because reality is what I’m living in. I don’t even want to entertain them. I just want my peace and focus. But as for the title, that’s what it seems like the dreams did… I was being haunted with something I want but am trying to let go. It’s crazy, but whatever.

At the end of the day… Jesus commands my destiny! Now that’ll be outta my system… moving forward is my only option, because I can’t keep allowing myself to go into these cycles.

“I’m in love wit u/but the vibe is wrong/and that haunted me all the way home/and you’ll never know, never know enough…”

“So I keep it low/Keep a secret code/So everybody else don’t have to know”

“I’m not lovin’ you/’way I wanted to/see I had to go/See I have to move/no more wasting time/we can’t wait for life”

“I bet no one knew/I got no one new/though I said I’m through/but got love for you… only God knows if I’ll be with you…”

“where I wanna go/I don’t need you… I’ve been down this road too many times before”

et cetera