Leah’s Daughter’s Words

{January 22, 2009}   Love Being A Woman…

In the words of Bruce Noland (Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty)… be-a-u-ti-ful! I am in so much ridiculous pain right now. I need a hot shower, cold bath, high heat my apt, ice cream and the biggest hershey bar you can find. I went to my one class today and was barely there. I just wanted my bed. Called out from work because I just couldn’t muster up the ability to do it today. The first day is always the worst day. I think I will nap it away along with the rest of my usual routine, then do some homework later. On another note… I like these two songs… they are rather pretty


{November 25, 2008}   So I Am Utterly Frustrated

I feel like I am on rant mode. I feel like I’ll burst if I don’t get this out and I know I am probably making a big deal out of something small, it’s just I have so much going on that these little things DO NOT help at all. Firstly, I get part in charge of this gift idea for my pastor, that I have no problem with, even though I don’t really have the time, but what doesn’t help is that a small group takes three days to construct three sentences a piece. It’s such a minute task and you forget. I am trying to be patient with them, but I really hate when people blow things off that should be a priority. If we treated work the way we treat ministry, many of us would be unemployed. I hate when I see it in myself and others. UGH!!

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