Leah’s Daughter’s Words

{January 27, 2009}   From Body Count to Burned Chicken…

Craziness! And rather horrible if I must say so myself. I had a dream last night, or this morning rather and it weirded me out something awful. I was in my hometown and there was some sort of masacre and people were going through the aftermath of it all and searching for their loved ones, I just didn’t understand what had happened, why or how… it was so bizarre. As my sisters and I were going down our old street, they were recognizing and remembering people that I didn’t which was also odd. And we were going somewhere with my uncle (randomly) and then in my dream I somehow remembered I had a chicken in the oven… O Lawd!!



So it was my first time making a whole chicken… not in the sense that I don’t know how to cook a chicken, I just never cooked a whole one because I never made a reason to. Anyway! So I season it the way the woman who’s chicken I looove does hers and it was smelling wonderful. Now I started this chicken in the oven a little before 10pm (1st mistake), so when midnight rolls around and I am dead tired from studying, I see that it still isn’t ready. I thought maybe I should turn it off and let it finish cooking in the morning, but decided, “no maybe it needs just another hour or so” (2nd mistake)… so I decided (genius) to set an alarm on my cell phone (which has been acting nuts all night) for 1am (3rd mistake), since said alarm did not go off at all! I woke up at 4:51am! It wasn’t black or burnt but it was definitely overcooked. I tasted it to see if there was any hope, but it didn’t have any flavor… I guess it burnt away (lol, not funny)… so this is the beginning of an interesting day……..


khazzy says:

I used to love chicken… lol ok ok (not funny) ❤

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