Leah’s Daughter’s Words

{January 5, 2009}   And That Haunted Me…

All the way home. I had probably like 10 crazy dreams last night. It was really strange. Dunno what to do with them other than try to push them away because reality is what I’m living in. I don’t even want to entertain them. I just want my peace and focus. But as for the title, that’s what it seems like the dreams did… I was being haunted with something I want but am trying to let go. It’s crazy, but whatever.

At the end of the day… Jesus commands my destiny! Now that’ll be outta my system… moving forward is my only option, because I can’t keep allowing myself to go into these cycles.

“I’m in love wit u/but the vibe is wrong/and that haunted me all the way home/and you’ll never know, never know enough…”

“So I keep it low/Keep a secret code/So everybody else don’t have to know”

“I’m not lovin’ you/’way I wanted to/see I had to go/See I have to move/no more wasting time/we can’t wait for life”

“I bet no one knew/I got no one new/though I said I’m through/but got love for you… only God knows if I’ll be with you…”

“where I wanna go/I don’t need you… I’ve been down this road too many times before”


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