Leah’s Daughter’s Words

{January 1, 2009}   1-1-09

I’m not pressed about the date. Everyday change is being fought for in my life, therefore I refuse to make any foolish resolutions. I do have some goals for this year though… a few things hopefully that will come to fruition. Some trips I want to make, some places spiritually that I want to be, workin on the book, hopefully also on this Bible study and quite possibly grad school this year, if it’s in God’s will (I pray it is, pleeeeeease), and whatever else awaits me. I hope no more losses… I’m still sick with last year and it’s still like yesterday to me. I need healing in that area, but I miss my cousin so much, I still can’t believe it.

But as for New Years Eve… it was real……. hood. They got drunk & rowdy, threw up and so on. I went to sleep & overslept in getting to my aunt’s. I will say I did have some fun with my fam today, but had to be very careful as far as how far that fun went and suprisingly, I felt like I controlled it almost… if they saw a look on my face that said “goin too far”, they apologized and backed off. Dad, I know that’s You ::smile::

As for my friendship… I am learning to push beyond the way I feel and be a friend, even if it feels weird, it doesn’t have to be weird. I need to push passed the awkward silence and try harder. I saw this yesterday in our phone convo, where I would usually take that as a hint to say “well, okay bye, just wanted to say hey” but this time… no… there was that pause, but the convo continued… glory to God in the little things. I still don’t know what will be to come but I guess we will all see.

My cuz is comin thru tonight… two words… divine appointments…

“I know my destination… but I’m just not there”… but I’ll get there ::smile::


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