Leah’s Daughter’s Words

{December 11, 2008}   Give Me Your Eyes for Just 1 Second…

Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath

This is going to be rough. I hate conflict and whatever is associated with it, but it happens and ya gotta roll with the punches. I think I test a hint of jealousy or something weird with one of my friends in regards to my roommate. Everytime I mention her or show her something we did,I noticed there are “catty” remarks. Even back in September, the play, she goes “it was cool for what it was” aka hatin where I come from… or we watch a video she and I did, and she goes “wow, she mad ghetto” when it’s obvious the girl was joking around and that’s not the way she talks… crap like that which I can no longer brush off like maybe it’s nothing. It’s become too much. And it doesn’t help to know that the crowd she rolls with are professional hatas. And at the end of all of this I still have to love and pray for these niggaz…. and yeah I mean niggaz because they drawlin with that and that’s a big reason I left that church. Character assasination is only the beginning, but then they have breakdowns because they feel so far from God… no sarcasm intended but, I wonder how… It kills me to see these people sometimes because it’s either all fake, so much zeal they miss the point, or straight modern day Pharisees, it’s sad.

So here is my plea. Daddy, please help my heart & mind with the person and question (also my tongue) and also that entire congregation. Show them how real You are. Let them pursue a sincere relationship and not an intellectual one. Let them be fervent in seeking You out in all things. In Jesus Name… Amen


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