Leah’s Daughter’s Words

{December 9, 2008}   Still Standing…

And I stand corrected… if I wasn’t built for this… God wouldn’t allow it and I speak that over every area of my life. Things are really hard right now and though I cry from time to time, the tears don’t last long and these circumstances… are just that… circumstances and will NOT, I repeat NOT steal my worship!! I need a job like crazy and I will get one… when? I dunno. How? I dunno. But I will. I’m trusting Him to do His thing and I’m not gonna worry this thing out. I’ll make moves when I need to. It was funny, I was thinkin earlier like, it’s days like this that make u wanna blog surf in the hopes of finding somebody with a worse situation than yours so you can channel that energy and not feel so bad. lol. whatever.

I faced temptation in all areas today. My family. I love them, but most times they are like poison for my spiritual growth. Tried to get my car inspected and they tried to get me into some crooked stuff but I refused even thoguh I can’t afford much. My dad offered (as always) to pay for something I couldn’t afford to and I calmly refused. It was kinda rough, cause I don’t think I have ever been this broke. It’s CRAZY! Then my brother gonna call himself trynna drop scripture talkin about “well aren’t you supposed to honor your mother and father?” and I kindly reminded him of this lil ol thing called context. It frustrates me when they all gang up on me like this. he even kinda snapped on me because I picked up a piece of paper I dropped and was like (with attitude) “you don’t litter either?” Daddy please save my family. And help me to be patient, tender, meek, gentle and bold with them all at the same time… These negroes be urkin me tho lol… and I’m out


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