Leah’s Daughter’s Words

{December 9, 2008}   So Fight

YES!! Four sweet days go by with quiet on the home front… but I see the fire has not died down. So what. I’m not quitting. I refuse. It just isn’t an option. I’m going to fight this thing with all I got. My freedom. My focus. They mean too much to me right now. If things are going to be right for my life down the road, I gotta stand now! I want that mindset of, “you can’t take people where you aren’t willing to go.” I’m going there alright and it hasn’t been pretty. Lord, please help Your girl at any moment of weakness, please continue to be my strength.

My big mouth has gotten me into plenty trouble, whether it’s my business or someone elses. I think I told A.D. too much, even though I didn’t say much. And I think I complicated J.F’s world for no reason. It started as a harmless joke, but I wasn’t expecting him to respond, I was just messing with her for whispering. Now look what done happened. I don’t want to lie to him and I won’t, but I feel like I should do something to try to divert the attention. But what? Maybe I could get my sister to respond to it to throw him off. I dunno. I’m sorry. I didn’t think about that part.

Lord, please help me to chill out no matter what I am dealing with. I love You. Sweet sleep for a few hours? YES!!


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