Leah’s Daughter’s Words

{December 6, 2008}   Aha!

A Woman\’s Worth by Alicia Keys

Yes! Thank God for “aha” moments… I needed that. I saw myself slowly but surely slipping into that thinking of, “oh, it’s okay you’re not ready, I just want to be with you.” NO! No more. I’m worth more than that and whoever he is needs to know it. I don’t want him confused, torn, and/or not ready to work for me. I need a man, not just any old guy and like my prof told me, I need a husband not a project. I need a man that I know hands down no matter what I can willingly submit myself to, because I am willing, but he can’t just be anybody. Even if it’s “him” and though I appreciate the honest efforts… for anything to go anywhere, I need more than that. I’m worth more than somebody being torn. I need to be the only woman in the eye of the man that I spend the rest of my life with. Daddy, help me to stay FOCUSED and not anxious for anything. Let it not consume my thoughts, but let me just be faithful in the things that I should. I know You have plans for me…. help me to not to attempt to fast forward them. There are seasons for those things and I know You have good reason for giving them to me now. I love You


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